Publikation: Emmanuel Alloa (Hg.) – This Obscure Thing called Transparency

Veröffentlichung des von Emmanuel Alloa und herausgegebenen Sammelbandes This Obscure Thing called Transparency. Politics and Aesthetics of a Contemporary Metaphor


The paradoxical logic of transparency and mediation

Transparency is the metaphor of our time. Whether in government or corporate governance, finance, technology, health or the media – it is ubiquitous today, and there is hardly a current debate that does not call for more transparency. But what does this word actually stand for and what are the consequences for the life of individuals? Can knowledge from the arts, and its play of visibility and invisibility, tell us something about the paradoxical logics of transparency and mediation? This Obscure Thing Called Transparency gathers contributions by international experts who critically assess the promises and perils of transparency today.

Mit Beiträgen von Emmanuel Alloa, Loup Cellard (Melbourne Law School), Riccardo Donati (Università di Salerno), Mark Fenster (University of Florida), Sara Guindani (Université Paris 7), David Heald (University of Glasgow), Vlad Ionescu (UHasselt/PXL MAD), Dorota Mokrosinska (Leiden University), Herman Parret (KU Leuven), John Pitseys (UCLouvain), Natacha Pfeiffer (Université Saint-Louis), Philippe Van Parijs (UCLouvain), Bart Verschaffel (Ghent University), Patrick Vandermeersch (KU Leuven) und Christophe Van Gerrewey (EPFL).

This Obscure Thing Called Transparency erschien Ende Februar 2022 bei Leuven University Press, Leuven (Belgien). Es ist als Taschenbuch für 55€ und in digitaler Version für 41€ zu erwerben.

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