Vortrag – Elena Vogman: Madness, Media, Milieus. Reconfiguring the Humanities in Postwar Europe

Vortrag mit Elena Vogman am 15. April 2021
Im Rahmen des Humanities and Social Sciences Colloquium der NYU Shanghai


Grafik: Ferdinand Deligny – »Wandering Lines«, auf HSS Colloquium

Lecture and Discussion

Media form and transform our milieus, from geopolitical landscapes to our most intimate environs. This project studies a series of media and milieu practices developed in different settings of Institutional Psychotherapy since the 1940s. It examines efforts to produce environments, institutions, and milieus that would facilitate processes of psychological therapy and healing, in particular by psychiatrists and activists such as François Tosquelles, Jean Oury, Fernand Deligny, Frantz Fanon, and Félix Guattari. Drawing on newly discovered archives, the project explores the fundamental role of art and media which crucially contributed to the emergence of psychiatric milieus. At the same time, it investigates the productive repercussions of these media-milieu practices in critical humanities discourses. The project argues that these practices had a crucial impact on the humanities in postwar Europe, in particular post-structuralism and post-colonial studies, but also media theory, film studies, and science and technology studies.

Zeit: 15. April 2021, 16.00–17.00 Uhr
Ort: NYU Shanghai, Academic Building, room 1150, 1555 Century Ave, Pudong, Shanghai o. digital via Zoom
Moderation: Aner Barzilay
Diskussion: Lukas Brasiskis

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