Vortrag: Julia Bee – From Film Anthropology to Audio Visual Becomings

Vortrag von Julia Bee am 11. Oktober 2019
Im Rahmen der Internationalen Konferenz des Kompetenzzentrums Medienanthropologie der Bauhaus Universität Weimar vom 9. - 11. Oktober 2019


„In recent decades the field of anthropological research has become more interdisciplinary, as approaches from cultural and media studies have been integrated, as well as those from visual anthropology, feminism, queer theory, ANT, and other fields. Last but not least, the current discourse on the “anthropocene” has stimulated a new reflection of anthropological concepts. Despite all methodological and conceptual differences, the various approaches share the view that the so-called 'human nature' can no longer be thought of in an essentialist and ahistorical way. Instead, relational, operative and time- and process-based concepts (e.g. 'borrowed body', 'cyborg', 'collectives', 'extensions of the human body', 'modes of existence', 'superject' etc.) as well as questions about the cultural and historical situatedness and embodiment of various forms of (human) existence come to the fore. Against this backdrop, the interest has thus shifted to the multitude of cultural, topographical, technical, historical, social, discursive, and media formats with which human existences are entangled.“

Mi., 11. Oktober 2019, 16.00 - 17.30 Uhr: Vortrag von Julia Bee zum Thema 'From Film Anthropology to Audio Visual Becomings - Individuations and Documentary Ecologies

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